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Expanding your protection with flexible coverage options for your farm.
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Tailored Solutions for Modern Farmers

Our farm insurance addresses the evolving needs of today's agriculturalists. From safeguarding various farm assets to ensuring liability coverage and essential operational protection, our policy offers flexibility, allowing you to choose the specific coverage that suits your requirements.

Modern Farming Solutions: Tailored Insurance for Today's Farmers

Our farm insurance policy can be designed to protect your multiple farm assets, including liability protection and coverage essential for your farming operations. This policy provides the flexibility to pay for only the specified protection you need.

What can be covered?

Farming Operations
Home and Farm Buildings
Farm Vehicles
Machinery and Equipment

How can you save?

Crop Hail Discount - Receive a 10% discount on your crop hail insurance policy if you have an active farm insurance policy with us.
Impact Resistant Roof Discount - Use of certain impact-resistant roofing products may qualify you for policy premium discounts.
Protective System Discount - Receive a discount if you protect your home with qualifying safety devices and services.

Enhancing Your Farm's Coverage: Strategies for Comprehensive Protection

Specialized endorsements provide options for customizing your policy to fit your specific needs. The Rural Guardian Select endorsement offers new coverages for emerging trends in the agriculture industry and packages our most popular optional coverages at a lower cost than if purchased individually. Looking for more options? We offer many more optional endorsements for your farm program.

Crop Endorsements

Custom Farming
Expands coverage beyond the 200 acres provided under the Rural Guardian base policy.
Custom Spraying
Covers custom, for-hire spraying operations for others.
UAS / Drones
Provides coverage for owners and operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) when used as part of the farming operation.
Peak Season
Provides increased farm personal property coverage during times selected by client.

Livestock Endorsements

4-H Club Livestock
Coverage for animals (including cattle, hogs, horses, sheep and goats) while participating in a 4-H project.
Coverage for death by suffocation, freezing, hypothermia or heat of owned hogs and calves in confinement.
Feedlot Coverage
Coverage for cattle and hogs custom-fed by contracted producer, options to include or exclude suffocation and mis-medication.
Milk Contamination
Coverage for losses due to milk contamination, as well as milk leakage that occurs on the farm.
Pollution Coverage Options
First Party Pollution provides additional coverage for first-party clean-up costs and environmental restoration.

Stand Alone Farm Pollution Liability provides coverage for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution, as well as coverage for confinement livestock operations, manure pits and lagoons.

Limited Pollution Coverage with Confinement Operations is designed for farmers who only need coverage for sudden and accidental pollution occurring at a confinement operation.

Machinery and Equipment Endorsements

Farm Machinery
Expands farm machinery limits and coverage above base policy limits.
Farm Electronic Equipment
Provides coverage for direct physical loss for farm electronic equipment, the installation and activation expenses of newly replaced equipment.
Farm Equipment Breakdown
Provides coverage for equipment used with residence or farming operations for loss caused by: mechanical or electrical breakdown, rupture, bursting, bulging, implosion or steam explosion.
Multi-Terrain Vehicle
Provides coverage for the owners and operators of the multi-terrain vehicles (such as ATV, UTV) used for personal use or in farming operations.

Farm Operations Endorsements

Agribusiness Operations
Provides both liability and property coverage options for agribusiness activities including: Christmas tree sales, hay rides, hunting leases, petting zoos, seed sales, farm tours and many others.
Coverage available for farm personal property and motor truck cargo.
Broad Perils for Farm Structures
Expands coverage to include damage from falling objects, weight of snow or ice, accidental discharge or overflow of water or stream and other hazards.
Loss of Income
If a covered structure becomes unusable due to damage from a covered hazard, some lost income can be recovered.
Extra Expense
Protection for additional expenses accumulated while returning to normal operations after a covered loss.

Equine Endorsement

Care, Custody and Control
Provides liability protection for equine-related activities, such as:
Riding for pleasure
Arena / Riding
Therapeutic riding lessons
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