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Crop Insurance

Supporting those who provide for us: Tailored Insurance Solutions for your crop needs.
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Safeguarding Your Harvest: Shielding Crops Against the Unforeseen

Designed to protect your bottom line, our coverage options can provide customized protection for your farm. We offer both crop hail insurance policies and federal multi-peril crop protection policies for a variety of crops

Crop Hail Insurance

Protect your family's income against the effects of crop loss for a fraction of the cost you invest in a typical spring planting.
The policy covers most crop losses due to hail, fire, lightning, vandalism and some crop transporting accidents.

Additional Crop Hail Insurance Benefits

You can get a 10% discount if you have an active farm insurance policy with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.
Specialized team of crop agents to help provide the customized protection you need.
Protection is available for seed costs when replanting corn, grain, sorghum, sunflowers and/or soybeans.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) can provide protection against weather-related causes of loss and change in price.
Coverage is available at 50 to 85% of the actual production history for your farm.

MPCI Policy Types

Multi-peril crop (MPCI) 
provides coverage for loss of yield for your farm.
Revenue protection (RP)
 provides coverage for loss of yield, loss of revenue or a combination of both for your farm.
Area risk protection (ARP)
 provides coverage against loss of revenue, loss of yield or a combination of both at a county level.

Livestock Coverage Options

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)
 provides protection on your livestock against declining market prices.
Dairy Risk Protection (DRP)
 provides protection against an unexpected decline in milk revenue.
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