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Home Insurance

Coverage Options

Discover custom-tailored coverage options for your home that suit your unique needs and circumstances.
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Get the coverage you need for the home you love

Just as you've customized your home to suit your lifestyle, our agents are here to assist you in finding the ideal coverage to preserve and protect it

Mobile Home
Rental Property

Dwelling Protection

Pays for covered repairs for damage to your home. Covers anything attached to your home, like your garage or deck

Other Structures

Protects structures on your property not physically attached to your home, such as a detached garage, shed, carport or fence.

Personal Property

Provides coverage for all that you've collected or inherited over the years. Also protects your belongings while anywhere in the world.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional living expenses can help you maintain your normal standard of living following a covered homeowners insurance loss that makes your home uninhabitable.

Liability Protection

Covers you if someone not living with you sues or files a claim against you after being injured on your property. Also provides coverage if you accidentally damage someone else's property.

Medical Payments to Others

This coverage pays medical expenses for those who get injured while on your premises.
Limited dwelling coverage is available on condo policies
Additional living expenses coverage depends upon coverage selection

Your Valuables

Help protect your valuables by adding scheduled personal property coverage to your homeowner's insurance policy.
Fine art, antiques and collectibles
Musical instruments
Plus more

Water Backup and Sump Overflow Coverage

Can cover losses caused by water that backs up through sewers or drains.
Also can provide coverage for water that overflows from a sump pump.


Can provide liability coverage for your larger, more powerful motorized boat, sailboat, pontoon and recreational personal watercraft.
Can provide physical damage coverage for your watercraft or trailer.

Earthquake and Flood

Do you need flood insurance? Our agents can help connect you to the National Flood Insurance Program.
Earthquake insurance covers damage to your home's structure and personal property due to earth movement from earthquakes and tremors.

How does inflation impact my insurance?

Can increase the cost of construction.
Can change the home’s value and coverage needed over time.
Our company monitors inflation and periodically adjusts coverage limits on eligible home policies to help ensure adequate coverage.
Let's Have A Conversation!

Insurance can be confusing.
Our agents make it as easy as...


Help You Understand The Possibilities

Whether you currently have a homeowners policy or you are buying your first home, an expert agent will have a quick conversation with you and answer your questions.
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Discuss Your Coverage Needs

During this conversation, an agent will help you determine what type of policy is best for you, discounts you qualify for, and suggest which coverage options best meet your needs.
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Create Your Policy

Once we identify your needs, your agent will help you create a customized homeowners insurance policy.
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Insurance is built on Relationships, Experience, Trust and Communication.
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